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1295 W. Littleton Blvd.

Littleton, Colorado 80120


                            A note to my customers,

                                                  I have decided to retire by the end of 2017 and my business, Arapahoe Coin & Stamp LLC is for sale. 

                                                  Owning and running this business would be a wonderful pre-retirement opportunity for the  serious stamp/coin

                                                  collector who has often thought about running a business attuned  to one of their passions  in life and would 

                                                  also welcome becoming their own boss.

                                                  Arapahoe Coin & Stamp has been in business for 40 years and I have very much enjoyed owning it for the past

                                                 14 years.  Passing the intact turnkey business on to a new owner is my goal and I would train the new owner

                                                  to run it successfully and take advantage of new opportunities.

                                                  Please contact me if this opportunity is of interest; principals only as no commission/fees will be paid to brokers or


                                                  Thanks for your support,

                                                  Rod Haenni





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